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Superconduct is a team of strategists, creatives, and thinkers united by a commitment to making a difference. This isn’t just what sets our work apart—it’s the spark behind the positive transformations we drive. As your collaborative allies, we’re the go-to for a hearty mix of “what if,” and “why not,” and genuine, no-nonsense advice.

What makes us stand out? It’s our razor-sharp creativity, our most treasured asset, that enables us to offer fresh perspectives and novel solutions to real-world business challenges. Our focus is unwaveringly on your goals, but here’s the twist: we ditch the jargon and the fluff. Our approach is warm, welcoming, and sprinkled with a dose of fun. We blend meticulous attention to detail with a relentless pursuit of perfection and we’re laser focused on delivering tangible ROI and exceeding expectations.


01 - Keep standards high

Higher than Snoop Dogg on Concorde

02 - People first, digital second

We craft for humans (until the robot uprising)

03 - Embrace Your Inner Weird

Normal is a setting on a tumble dryer

04 - Authenticity is Irresistible

Be genuinely you, you magnificent b***d, you

05 - Adore the Work

Love it so much that people start to worry

06 - Playfulness is Productive

Step into the sandbox of innovation

07 - Embrace Masterful Mishaps

Designing disasters into masterpieces (client work immune)

08 - Transcend Trends

Waves are pretty, but we’re not here to ride them

09 - Feedback is our fuel

We feast at the buffet of betterment and brilliance

10 - Do something different

When the world zigs, juggle flaming pineapples

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Say hello to our creative pioneers...

Adam Jennings

Creative Director

Lloyd Shand

Studio Manager

Greg Forrest

Senior Designer

Shaun Casey